Dilamani :: Gift Boxes

From concept to production to fulfillment:

Together with co-motion, an Indianapolis based design studio, we worked to craft these gift boxes for Dilamani, a NY based jewelry company. 

Our objective was to create stunning boxes that would be sent to their valued clients and influencers. 

We worked through deciding the most unique print and finishing methods while staying within the client’s budget. After thoughtful consideration, we opted for custom gift boxes with tailor-made inserts to accommodate smaller product boxes. 

Each product box was designed and printed in a distinct color and embellished with foil stamping. 

The combination resulted in a captivating unboxing experience, filled with vibrant colors and elegant gold foil accents, ultimately producing a unique unboxing experience.


  • Die-Line Development
  • Digital Printing
  • Packaging Production
  • Hand Assembly and Kitting

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