Everything from structural packaging design to color studies, mock-ups and sales samples.
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With dedicated packaging engineers on staff, our team is able to assist in developing die-lines and structural packaging designs. Our understanding of the production process allows us to create packaging that is not only feasible and cost-effective for high volume production, but that will make an impact on shelves. At Rush, packaging challenges are met with creative solutions.

Structural Packaging Design




Packaging mock-ups, or comps, are an excellent preliminary step to qualify the package’s structural integrity as well as its graphic function and marketing appeal. Comps are also an effective tool at trade shows, photo shoots for mass merchandising, and pre-marketing testing/focus groups.

Whether the packaging is a folding carton box, flexible pouch or shrink sleeve, we can create as little as 1 prototype to 1,000+ sales samples per SKU.

Using a variety of print methods, our mock-ups are expertly crafted to showcase the quality and potential of your upcoming products. These models are created with production standards in mind, providing an accurate representation of what the final product will look like.

Packaging Comps, Mock-ups, Sale Samples

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