New York Giants :: Fat Heads

A Giant Partnership

The New York Football Giants have a storied history, with multiple Super Bowl championships and a devoted fanbase. We have been honored to partner with the Giants organization since the 1990s, providing ongoing print support throughout their seasons. 

The 2022-2023 season was particularly memorable for us at Rush - not only did we have the pleasure of witnessing packed stadiums brimming with passionate football fans for the first time since the pandemic, but we also had the opportunity to work on some exciting projects. 

One of the highlights was the creation of large head cut-outs of the Giants players and coaching staff. We joined forces with the Giants' creative team to print these oversized heads, which were used on the sidelines to energize the crowd and elevate the game-day atmosphere. 

The goal was to make sure that these images were printed with vibrant colors and crisp resolution to make the players and coaches look lifelike. We printed them on a durable and lightweight material, which was easy to transport and set up on the sidelines.



  • Large Format Printing
  • Die-Cutting
  • Quick Turnarounds

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