SallyeAnder :: Re-brand & E-Comm

Comprehensive Packaging Solution

SallyeAnder, a handmade soap and skincare product company based in Beacon, NY, has been crafting its high-quality products since 1982. In 2022, they decided to embark on a brand refresh that would modernize their entire product line. They called on the expertise of an NYC design agency, Beardwood & Co, to help develop a new brand identity, which included a new logo design and packaging concepts.

Once their new identity was born, SallyeAnder turned to Rush to adapt the new concepts to their entire product line. With a comprehensive line of 30 essential soaps, stain removers, balms, creams, scrubs, candles, and their renowned bug repellent, SallyeAnder, and Rush worked collaboratively to choose color schemes, select illustrations, and even design new structural packaging. After months of close collaboration and fine-tuning, Rush printed and delivered new packaging for each product in time for the grand launch at SallyeAnder's winter pop-up in NYC.



  • Packaging design
  • Structural packaging design
  • Photography
  • Retouching
  • Print and packaging production

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